Selection of scenes and faces that caught my eye while crossing Senegal : in the village of Diawar, in Saint-Louis and eventually in bustling Dakar.

“Yet another journey is coming to an end. It is hard not to feel a certain sense of frustration when you have gained great momentum but have to stop. From Nantes to Dakar along the Atlantic coast: across France, Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Western Sahara, Mauritania and eventually Senegal… Overall, a thrilling introduction to Africa. How tempting to carry on towards Ghana or even further! For now, I’m about to cover in one night the same distance that took me nearly four months by land and sea. This is how I give in to our world’s tremendous and sometimes sickening speed. My heart, however, shall keep embracing and praising slowness.” (Dakar airport, Senegal, July 29th 2019)












































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