Psychedelic Himalayas

Nepal, 2018


High mountains generate an energy comparable maybe only to that of a tumultuous sea. And yet this aura is produced in spite of their static posture, their impassive serenity. The immensity and inhospitable nature that define them fascinate me because they count among the few things reminding humans of their vulnerability and insignificance compared to the scale of our world.

Although I mainly focus on street and portrait projects, it was hard not to have a go at landscape photography during the three weeks I spent trekking around the stunning Annapurna massif. Using a simple yet powerful pattern of double exposure, I tried to depict its majestic beauty in an unconventional way. Playing with deep shades of blue, black and white, Psychedelic Himalayas blends and distorts the abrupt landscapes of the mighty, awe-inspiring mountains lying between Nepal and Tibet.