Traveller and photographer, I’ve always had itchy feet. After studying English and German literatures and cultures both at home in France and abroad in Germany and in Scotland, I taught French at a high school in England for a year.

I also travelled extensively in Europe, the Middle-East and Asia, with an inclination for alternative ways of travelling, such as hitchhiking, Couchsurfing and volunteering. From a real thirst for adventure, but first and foremost because those lead to more interactions with locals and thus a deeper understanding of the places I explore.

The passion for photography came naturally, as a way to remain creative while on the road and to become more engaged with the places and people I encounter.

My latest trip started in July 2017. I embarked on a year-long overland journey around Europe and Asia, from my hometown into the unknown, to explore the gradual evolution of landscapes, people and cultures through documentary writing and photography.


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Ouest France (France) : August 2018 (Germany) : April 2018

B&W Minimalism Magazine (Iran) : February 2018

Photography contests :

International Photography Awards, category People/Culture, Honorable Mention (October 2018)

The Independent Photographer, Travel Photo Award, Editors’ Picks (July 2018)

The Independent Photographer, Street Photography Award, Editors’ Picks (February 2018)