10 days to go!

Only ten days to go before I set out for the big trip! On July 10 I’m embarking on a journey hitchhiking from France to India and beyond. I’ll be travelling from my hometown into the unknown, to witness the gradual evolution of landscapes, people and cultures. Why hitchhiking? The answer is twofold: adventure and human experience. You’re thrown into the unknown, you never really know who you’re going to meet or where you’ll end up at the end of the day: this kind of adventure is probably not for everyone, but I love it. When you hitchhike, you’re bound to interact with locals and gain a deeper insight into the places you visit. After successfuly hitchhiking around Iceland and from Greece to France last summer, I’m pretty confident it will work on a larger scale. The route I intend to follow is likely to change as I make my way east, but here’s an overview. PS: the plan is to take the Transsiberian from Beijing to Moscow on the way back.

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